Traffic / Criminal Law

We represent people charged with all types of Criminal offences, including Traffic matters. We take time to ensure our clients are fully aware of their rights and options at all times.

Our team applies the same diligence, determination and expertise to every matter we undertake, from prosecutions for serious indictable offences including drugs, sexual assault, domestic violence and robbery to assault, drink driving and other police charges.

Our expertise include:

  • Police Interview attendances;
  • Drink driving / refusing breath analysis;
  • Driving whilst suspended;
  • Driving whilst disqualified;
  • Negligent / Reckless / Dangerous driving;
  • Driving unlicenced;
  • Red light offences;
  • Speeding offences;
  • Use of mobile phone while driving;
  • Limited licences.

We understand the serious implications that a loss of licence can bring upon your livelihood and overall wellbeing, which is why we do everything possible to get you the best result, to avoid disqualification, to minimize fines and/or sentences. We will do our best in assisting you to avoid a conviction entirely.

Our team will advise you on any potential penalties, as well as giving you an idea of what a realistic outcome of your case may be.

For further information or for a free no-obligation quote or consultation, contact us today.

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